Guest blog: Ralph

Ralph caught our attention when he made this brilliant interactive image for people who want to keep up with the Odeon campaign, so we asked him to tell us a bit more about his interest in the Odeon:

Some time ago, whilst reading another blog I was made aware of the plight of the former Odeon Cinema. 

Although I don’t live in Bradford I have been a regular visitor and one of my abiding memories of visiting is driving down towards the city centre past the glorious building that is The Odeon. 

Needless to say it was with some sadness that I saw it was potentially being demolished. More recently I read about the campaign to save The Odeon and have been following it with some interest. 

In order to be of some little help, I have started to blog about the campaign to save the building and put it to use for the benefit of the community. 

I have been impressed by the work of Bradford One and intend to make it more widely known through my blog which is widely read throughout the world of Indie Music.

Bands and artists in this genre should be interested as it is they who would benefit in the long term from a new venue such as a redeveloped Odeon.

With that in mind and as a first step I created an interactive picture of The Odeon with links to relevant websites in order to give a wider audience on the internet a quick, easy and interesting reference point where they can read and interact and help with the campaign.

Whilst saving the building should be close to the hearts of the Bradford community it should also be of great interest to the world at large and people with similar projects be able to take heart from the efforts of Bradford One and BORG.


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BradfordOne November 29, 2012 Blog