What is Bradford short of?

Over on Facebook, longstanding Odeon campaigner Beryl Robinson started a thread in the Save Our Odeon group asking what Bradford is short of which could be incorporated into the Odeon.

Suggestions came from things that people thought were completely absent, or things that were present in small numbers and were very promising.

Here are just a few answers people have given so far:

  • ‘Good quality toy shop’
  • ‘A diverse range of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars’
  • ‘International food court’
  • ‘An emporium’
  • ‘Alternative shops’
  • ‘Artists’ and students’ studios, and workshops.. the buzz and energy of the arts, music, theatre, film, dance’
  • ‘Decent bars’
  • ‘Somewhere for teenages to ‘hang-out’ without being accussed of doing no good’
  • ‘A good live music venue’
  • ‘Good shops’


If you can think of any others, add them to the comments below:




BradfordOne December 9, 2012 Blog