Bradford One Expression of Interest

Bradford One has submitted an Expression of Interest in redeveloping the former Odeon to Bradford Council using the pro-forma the Council provided.

We are aware that Bradford One is one of three Expressions of Interest submitted to the Council – the others being a swimming pool and a large music venue.

Below is the information Bradford One submitted to the Council as part of our Expression of Interest.

Please note that some details have been edited or removed for commercial sensitivity.


Proposed Project

Bradford One propose to develop the former Odeon building into a multi-purpose cultural venue and centre for creativity and enterprise whilst retaining as much of the original building as possible. It will include a modern, well-equipped auditorium for mid-scale touring live music, events and performance; galleries and exhibition areas; and a smaller performance venue managed in an emerging partnership with Bradford College.

It will also incorporate restaurants, café bars and independent retail outlets as will the site of the former 2-16 Great Horton Road.

A new building at the rear of the current site will provide Grade A office space targeted towards the creative industries, with an emphasis on film, television and theatrical production companies, with the potential to create new production facilities.

Bradford One plan to remove the late 1960s interior ‘shell’, inserted within the main auditorium of the New Victoria/Gaumont in the late 1960s to create the bingo hall and two cinemas. This will create a large auditorium with an intended capacity of around 2,000 though a final decision on optimum capacity will be the subject of detailed market and feasibility studies.

This auditorium will be designed and equipped to provide a venue for live popular music with a large proscenium arch stage. It will be equipped with appropriate sound and lighting facilities and have, at least in part, retractable seating to enable the space to be used flexibly.

It is estimated that the auditorium would initially be used for live music on one or two nights per week and, recognising the need for economic viability, it is therefore essential that it can be operated flexibly and welcome other uses.These complementary uses may include conferences, exhibitions and civic functions as well as private hires for large-scale weddings and other community celebrations.

The front of the building facing Bradford’s City Hall will feature a triple-height glazed façade that will connect the building and its interior spaces with the public realm of City Park.

The spacious foyer will include a booking office, administration offices and a café and will feature a triple height ceiling providing a sense of space and openness. At this level customers will also be able to access the stalls and either small-scale retail or food outlets in the area adjacent to Thornton Road and a new build offering additional retail spaces.

At first floor level around the void created by the entrance area will be a large foyer. This space will offer views over Bradford’s City Park and provide a high-quality exhibition space that will show work by local and visiting artists. Also on this level will be a second venue with a capacity of around 350, providing opportunities for smaller live music performance, theatre, stand-up comedy etc.

The two towers will house café bars to serve this area as well as audiences making use of the main auditorium when it is in use.

The second floor will again feature a large foyer with a glass wall at the rear offering views into the auditorium as well as through, the glass façade, across City Park to City Hall beyond. This space will be available for meetings during the day and provide access to function rooms in both towers. We are also exploring with partners the use of this space to exhibit the work of private collectors creating another prestigious exhibition space within a multi-purpose cultural venue.

At the rear of the building Bradford One plans a new build development that will house several floors of high quality office accommodation and/or production facilities. The aim of these facilities is to offer a ‘second home’ to creative sector production companies currently based outside of the region.

Bradford’s future as a ‘Super Connected City’ and the ‘Producer City’ strategy will enhance this offer enabling companies currently located in London and the South East of England to retain a ‘front door’ in the capital whilst taking advantage of the lower costs and higher quality of life that Bradford and its environs can offer.

Upon completion the building will be managed on a day-to-day basis by an appropriate management company who will be responsible for securing tenants for the retail, hospitality, office and creative production spaces and for providing facilities management services.

It is our intention that the venue become part of the national and regional live music touring circuit and will enter into discussions with appropriate promoters who would programme the main auditorium.

The building management company will attempt to secure suitable restaurant and other catering operators that will provide an offer that complements the current city centre offer whilst maintaining high standards of quality and service.

Q.2. General Project Preparation

a) Demonstrate your understanding of the impacts (both positive and negative) of your project on the local economy and community.

Bradford has a growing population with a greater proportion of young people than most other cities in the UK and a vibrant mix of communities that are reinventing a place that was once at the centre of the global textile industry.

Investment in this key building will have a measurable social impact, as it will provide a focal point for communities working together as well as real opportunities for a new and expanding workforce.

It will link the education sector to a workplace that will focus on entrepreneurial opportunities in the creative sector and be a place of entertainment that will draw investment not just to itself but will also support business and infrastructure in the surrounding area by boosting the nighttime economy of the city.

The concept of Bradford as a ‘Producer City’ identifies leisure and tourism as amongst the city’s largest employers. This needs to be combined with a shift in focus to a city that actively seeks to export its cultural offering, something that has been supported by business leaders and key stakeholders since the development of the Producer City plan.

Bradford One will be a flagship location for the creative industries to base themselves in a venue that will be of both regional and national significance. By strengthening employment prospects in the leisure and tourism industry it is anticipated that many new jobs will be created in the district both directly and within supporting infrastructure.

Bradford One will be a high quality facility that will showcase the cultural offer of the city as a creator of high quality talent.

Recent studies have identified significant gaps in the cultural provision for Bradford. A report commissioned by Bradford Council in 2009 identified the need for a viable mid-sized entertainment venue in the district.

Other large population centres in the north of England such as Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester are increasingly attracting investment through their expanding leisure provision, much of it from customers from Bradford district.

By demonstrating leadership in this sector Bradford could retain a greater proportion of its citizens’ disposable income.

Bradford is under served when compared to other large urban areas for night time facilities and a city that has produced globally recognised talent across many cultural sectors has little in the way of development opportunities for a new generation. Recent successful events in City Park have proven a demand for such facilities.

Bradford One will complement existing provision such as St George’s Hall and Bradford Alhambra Theatre. It is generally agreed that whilst St George’s Hall is acoustically an excellent venue for classical music it is not favoured by promoters of amplified music and whilst the Alhambra provides a venue of similar size its focus is as a receiving house for touring West End and dance productions.

Bradford One would enable Bradford to become part of the north of England touring circuit by providing a high quality and unique venue, offering state of the art facilities in an historic space.

Other facilities to be included in the development also complement or fill gaps in existing provision. Providing high quality exhibition and gallery space could potentially fill the gap created by the move of the Bradford 1 Gallery from the Centenary Building to make way for the new City Library as well as providing facilities for exhibiting work from private collectors and local emerging artists.

The restaurant, café bar and bar facilities will also help to address the need for a better quality and more diverse food and drink offer in the city centre, complementing the outlets planned for the new Bradford Broadway development and the adjoining areas of Broadway and Market Street.

Discussions with Bradford College have identified a need for spaces in which students studying music and theatre can perform and develop their skills. This has led to a more in-depth discussion about the potential for Bradford College to take space within Bradford One as training and production facilities with the potential for them to become a significant anchor tenant.

Whilst these discussions are at an early stage the College is committed to working in partnership with Bradford One and exploring the potential for their students engaging in all areas of the development and maximising learning, training and apprenticeship opportunities.

Bradford One may initially have a negative impact on other local businesses, particularly in the leisure and hospitality sectors, though an overall growth in demand over time is likely to negate the long-term impact.

The new venue and the visitors it attracts will undoubtedly place additional demand on local transport infrastructure but this will be outweighed by the economic benefit these visitors bring to Bradford.

b) What Community Engagement have you carried out in relation to this proposal?

Engaging with communities in Bradford is at the very heart of what Bradford One was set up to achieve and in developing our plans we have tried to reflect many of the ideas that have been presented to us by people in our city over more than 10 years of working to preserve the former Odeon building.

These ideas have been gathered via social media, the Bradford One website and at public meetings, exhibitions and events such as ‘Our Big Gig’ where we presented our plans and invited people to tell us what they wanted for this flagship building in our city.

Bradford One was established in January 2013 as an Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community and has community engagement at its heart.

As a Community Benefit Society the aim of Bradford One is to provide a ‘vehicle’ for the people of Bradford to get directly involved in deciding the future of a building that is owned and run on their behalf.

Many of the founder members of Bradford One were involved in the Save the Odeon campaign and/or have been involved in the development of facilities for the arts, cultural and creative enterprise. In selecting the Community Benefit Society model we will ensure that the redeveloped Odeon building is held in the custody, on behalf of the people of Bradford.

Anyone can become a member of Bradford One and have a direct say in our plans for the building and stand for election to or vote for the Board of Trustees.

Having a membership model ensures that a wide range of people can have input into the plans as they emerge and have a direct say in developments. Having a membership also gives Bradford One a direct link to a large constituency of interested local people who can respond quickly to questions or debates about how we go forward. To date Bradford One has more than 360 members with more people joining every day.

Should Bradford One’s proposal be successful then it is proposed that the building, or asset, be transferred from Bradford Council to Bradford One with an ‘asset lock’ in place to ensure it cannot subsequently be sold. Following redevelopment it would be managed on a day-to-day basis by a suitably competent and experienced company with any ‘surplus’ profits paid to Bradford One for reinvestment for the benefit of the people of Bradford.

Throughout the process of developing this proposal into a full feasibility study we will continue to engage with as large a number of stakeholders as possible in order to ensure that the development brings maximum benefit to those living and working in Bradford district, and to the regional economy as a whole.

We will also be launching a community share issue for Bradford One giving people a further opportunity to invest in the future of their building.

c) Who are the members of your Project Team?

The initial Project Team is based around the founder members of Bradford One who have been responsible for putting together this Expression of Interest, with support from Project Sponsors. At the next stage this Project Team will be enhanced to become a Project Board and will be supported by appropriate professionals with the relevant experience for a project of this scale.

d) Please provide details of your Project Sponsors

Todd Hannula

Todd Hannula, a social entrepreneur originally from the USA, founded Shine in Leeds, England in 2007. Shine, a social impact firm, is responsible for the design and development of the £5m Shine Space, the myCatalyst™ and TheGrid networking hubs, and bringing the School for Social Entrepreneurs™ to Yorkshire. Todd has been involved in raising over £25m for social business ventures and investment programs over the past 7 years. Todd has provided strategic advice to over 10 multi-million pound community based or led developments across the country since 2006. Todd will be providing strategic project advice particularly around financial planning, design and the development of the operational model.

Cassandra Tongue

Cassandra Tongue brings 15+ years of experience as a project director and finance manager for capital projects and operational environments in commercial businesses ranging in size from SME to large corporations. Cassandra has extensive experience with capital developments, especially involving large-scale public sector projects. Cassandra is currently completing a development (£4m) using a variety of public sector monies and commercial debt finance. Cassandra has provided strategic and practical project management advice to over 20 multi-million pound community based or led developments across the country since 2007. Cassandra will be providing strategic project development advice with project director oversight of the capital project and the operational implementation phase.

Andy Welsh

Andy Welsh has 15 years experience in managing significant capital projects. Currently working at Bradford College he has delivered £100m+ of building related projects to support education from primary school to post graduate studies. These projects include new builds from £10m to £50m as well as significant refurbishment and IT projects. End user engagement is high on his agenda and he seeks ways of ensuring projects fulfill a wider role in regeneration through community engagement especially linked to education. Andy supported the very successful Culture Fusion project as a Board Member so is used to providing the project oversight role he will play in the Bradford One project. As Deputy Chair for Unipol, a student housing charity letting 6,000 bedspaces, he performs an oversight function on new student housing developments in Leeds, Bradford and Nottingham. Andy will contribute strategic advice on project planning, design, procurement, planning and project delivery.

Halliday Clark

Award-winning Architects Halliday Clark, based in Shipley, West Yorkshire, have gained a national reputation over the last 20 years for a series of high profile restoration and performing arts projects. Halliday Clark’s commitment to Bradford has seen them working on a series of successful architectural commissions which cover a variety of work sectors, including sport and leisure, education, residential and medical projects, which has seen them working closely with Bradford MDC’s Planning, Building Control and Asset Management Departments. The practice has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering major theatre projects across the UK. These include the detailed restoration and refurbishment of the Royal Hall, Harrogate (Grade II* Listed) and the Theatre Royal, Wakefield (Grade II* Listed), which has just been successful in receiving its Round One HLF grant for its full refurbishment, which will be on site in January 2015.

Hugh Rolo

Hugh Rolo is a Bradford resident and Director of Business Development for Locality, the leading national network of community enterprises with 500 members across the country: Locality is a designated civil society strategic partner of Government. A former investment banker Hugh is an active social investor and founder Director of Key Fund and the Adventure Capital Fund/Social Investment Business, and a managing partner of the Community Shares Unit. Hugh is an advisor to Big Society Capital and a Director of the Community Development Finance Association.

Q. 3. Contribution to the physical regeneration of Bradford City Centre

a) What is your projects compatibility with local regeneration strategies?

The emerging Bradford City Centre Area Action Plan suggests that: “The city centre will become a major destination in the wider region, offering a different experience to other cities.

The City will be the focal point for leisure, office, retail and apartment development, becoming the place resident and visitors alike want to live, work and socialise. “Future redevelopment of the city centre will see the renovation and reuse of historic buildings…

Bradford One will make a significant contribution to Bradford city centre becoming a regional destination, offering a distinctive venue as part of the ‘private realm’ that will sit alongside the impressive ‘public realm’ development of City Park.

The draft objectives within the plan include:

“A unique, high quality shopping and leisure experience reflecting the city’s cultural mix. This will be built on the success of the City Park by enhancing the nighttime leisure offer…

“Intensification of the urban core through imaginative reuse of the architectural heritage…

“A thriving economy with new office developments, and a growth in.. creative industries

“An enhanced higher education campus with the University and College forming an integral part of the city centre.”

Bradford One will significantly enhance both the daytime shopping and leisure offer and add to the nighttime leisure offer alongside the neighbouring Alhambra Theatre. It will make imaginative reuse of the architectural heritage of the area, retaining the majority of the existing building with the domes echoing those of the Alhambra.

The new development to the rear of Bradford One will support a thriving creative economy and enhance the higher education campus by providing Bradford College with a ‘window’ on the city centre.

The former Bradford Odeon sits within the area identified as ‘The Bowl’, designated for Grade A office space and leisure uses. The site is identified within the Area Action Plan as one of a number of ‘key development sites’.

By retaining the existing building and adding high quality office space Bradford One will both enhance the Bowl and the city centre leisure offer.

The AAP suggests, “Any proposal for the site should make provision for a distinctive building, which is a landmark in the city centre. This could include the retention of the existing building, or elements of it, as part of the scheme.” It also suggests that, because of the close proximity of the major transport hubs in the city centre, only ancillary parking would be required.

Bradford One would suggest that the best way of ensuring a distinctive landmark building is to retain the existing building.

Key Theme One – City Living suggests, “Currently, the provision of community facilities and amenities in the city centre is poor” and that this is having a limiting effect on the city centre housing market.

Bradford One provides significant community facilities and amenities and will greatly enhance the attractiveness of the city centre as a place to live. Key Theme Two – Shopping and Leisure identifies a lack of a venue offering modern concert hall facilities and art gallery and a lack of restaurant provision in the centre.

Bradford One not only addresses the need for a modern concert venue but will contribute to the provision of an improved restaurant offer for the city centre.

Bradford One will also contribute to addressing three of the five main objectives of the emerging new Cultural Strategy by helping to build “a resilient and sustainable creative sector”, making a significant contribution to creating “a thriving cultural offer” and helping to make Bradford a “Cultural Destination”.

b) How will your project relate to and complement City Park, the Alhambra and other key city centre locations?

The former Bradford Odeon sits opposite perhaps the most significant development in Bradford city centre in recent years: City Park.

Bradford One aims to complement the spirit and nature of this welcoming space by providing a facility that reflects the way in which people have taken City Park to their hearts by, literally in some cases, ‘diving in’ to the experience it offers.

Our intention is to provide a reflection of this important public realm development and engage local people and visitors alike with a building that captures the imagination, delights the senses and stimulates creativity.

By opening up the front of the former Odeon building using a triple height glass façade we hope to both reflect the City Park outside and provide a connection to the spaces within. City Park has become a public space that features exciting live spectacle as well as encouraging day-to-day use.

We very much want Bradford One to do the same by providing exciting events, as a music and entertainment venue, whilst encouraging people to use it every day for eating, drinking and shopping. Bradford One will also provide employment to local people, education and learning opportunities.

Architecturally, with the retention of the towers, it will complement the neighbouring Alhambra Theatre, helping to create the wrap-around of City Park envisaged in the City Centre Area Action Plan.

As a venue for live music it will sit alongside the Alhambra’s theatre and dance programme and St George’s Hall’s comedy and classical music offer.

Together these three venues will ensure that Bradford can attract the best national touring acts and improve Bradford’s nighttime offer with a positive impact on local bars and restaurants.

The National Media Museum also plays an important part in Bradford’s visitor offer though it has experienced a fall in visitor numbers in recent years. Bradford One will help to address this issue by bringing more visitors to Bradford city centre, some for the first time, and encouraging them to visit other local attractions.

Working in partnership with Bradford College will not only create training opportunities for its students but also provide the college with a ‘window’ on City Park and the city centre and help its 25,000 students engage more effectively with the city centre.

The next significant development in Bradford city centre is the Bradford Broadway shopping centre, which is scheduled for completion by Christmas 2015.

The redevelopment of the former Odeon will continue the momentum that work on Broadway is starting to generate and help to balance the inevitable pull of this area for shoppers and other city centre users.

Providing an additional leisure attraction in Bradford One will help to balance the city centre and provide an interesting and varied offer.

Q.4. Project Deliverability and Costs

a) Explain how your proposed use or uses are planning compliant

The Bradford Odeon building is located on Princes Way at the junction of Thornton Road. It was opened in 1930 as a theatre, later used as a cinema, ballroom, restaurant and tearoom before being used more recently as a cinema and bingo hall.

The building has remained empty since 2000. Bradford One proposes to retain the existing building and develop it into a multi-purpose cultural venue and home for creative entrepreneurs.

The site will also include a modern office development overlooking, whilst enhancing, Quebec Street with ancillary ground floor retail and restaurant facilities. Ancillary undercroft car parking is only proposed to the office building.

The mixed cultural, educational and leisure uses proposed within the development, alongside the ancillary retail provision, will ensure a sustainable use for the site whilst significantly enhancing this key location linking the education quarter to the west of the city and the City Centre retail zone and City Park.

A full and detailed planning application will provide a robust interpretation of the building use proposals with the integration of planning policy, and will therefore be compliant with current local and national planning policies.

b) How will you deliver your proposed project?

The Bradford One project will be overseen by a Project Board, in effect a large subset of the Board of Bradford One, who will have governance responsibility for the budget and any variations, vision adherence and final fiduciary control over accepting and releasing funds.

A Project Manager will manage both development and business issues and will work to a Project Advocate, appointed by the Board. Bradford One has chosen a mixed development model, based upon traditional elements of DBB, to remove high risk pricing where possible by investing more during Phase 2.

This will inform design and development and establish a baseline for essential remedial works. Suppliers will be chosen on a mix of quality and price.

Designs at tender stage will be more detailed than traditional DBB and will include full M&E design to ensure the overall budget can be met and to reduce the risk for the principle contractor tendering.

Phase 1 – Design Team Appointments

Phase 2 – Opening Up / Survey Works

Phase 3 – Detailed Design to Tender Stage & Planning Submission

Phase 4 – Tender – Traditional: Design-bid-Build (DBB)

Phase 5 – Practical Completion: Operational

c) Is your project deliverable by the end of 2019?

Bradford One is confident that it can deliver the project within the desired timescale.

d) Project capital costs

The Budget Building Cost Estimate provided by Michael Eyres Partnership LLP to Halliday Clark provides details of the estimated capital costs of the project and itemises the main components. The total current estimated budget cost is £20,357,017

Financing Strategy

As a Community Benefit Society Bradford One has access to sources of social finance, in addition to commercial finance sources, that may not be available to private development proposals.

The Finance Strategy envisages a variety of sources of finance to cover three phases of the project delivery:

Phase 1 – Development Phase £750k

Phase 2 – Capital Phase £20m

Office facility (£10m)

Auditorium etc (£10m)

Phase 3 – Working Capital

Up to £2.75m overdraft facility through Social Finance provider.

e) Project Revenue costs

Our Five-year Cash Flow Forecast demonstrates the long-term viability of the project.

Q.5. Delivery of key strategic Regeneration objectives / outputs

a) How does your project stimulate business growth and investment in the City Centre?

Bradford One will not only create a state of the art live music venue for touring acts but also provide opportunities for a number of ancillary businesses.

The refurbished building will offer space for new and existing hospitality and retail businesses in a prime city centre location and, in the new building to the rear, five floors of high quality office and production space for a number of creative production companies and enterprises.

Bradford One will also provide a much-needed stimulus to the city centre economy with benefits for local businesses and other cultural venues.

The creation of a dedicated live music venue in Bradford city centre will attract new audiences to Bradford city centre to see mid-scale touring bands who currently don’t have a suitable venue in the district.

This new attraction for the city centre will provide a much-needed addition to complement current provision. It is expected that Bradford One will draw audiences from within up to 90 minutes of the city, many of who may be infrequent visitors to the city centre.

Audiences for live music concerts will also frequent local bars and eateries prior to gigs, including of course those within the venue itself. The use of the spaces within the venue for conferences, weddings and other functions will also bring additional business to city centre hotels.

In addition to the main auditorium Bradford One will incorporate a smaller 350 capacity venue which may be in use up to four or five nights a week.

Café Bars and restaurants will attract customers both during the day and in the evenings, attracted by the ambience, the excellent refreshments available and the views over City Park.

The presence of small independent retail outlets and convenience shopping will encourage people to visit at all times and help connect with students from both Bradford College and the University of Bradford.

These facilities are also likely to attract tenants in the new office and production spaces giving them ready access to high quality facilities on their doorstep.

The extensive new build to the rear of the former Odeon building will provide five floors of high quality office and creative production space offering an attractive environment for businesses wishing to be located in the heart of Bradford.

Bradford One aims to attract creative businesses to Bradford by offering high quality facilities in a central location, offering high speed broadband (via the Super Connected Cities initiative) and building on Bradford’s current relatively low cost-base.

This builds on our concept of Bradford as a ‘second home’ for creative businesses currently based in London and the South-east of England, who we hope will also be attracted by Bradford’s status as a UNESCO City of Film and an increasingly skilled young workforce.

b) How will your project promote and improve the social, economic and environmental well being of the City Centre?

The former Odeon building has been empty and unused since 2000 lending weight to a perception that Bradford city centre was in decline. Seen alongside the stalled Westfield retail development the site became an indicator of inactivity and stagnation.

Now that work has begun on Westfield’s Broadway Bradford development, the former Odeon building is the next step in improving the general wellbeing of the city centre.

Bradford One will make a significant contribution to this by creating an exciting and dynamic cultural and creative hub, attracting many thousands of visitors and creating employment, opportunities for social interaction and improving the physical environment.

The creation of a venue offering entertainment, food and drink, arts spaces and retail seven days a week, day and night, will undoubtedly make a significant difference to the social wellbeing of Bradford city centre.

Café bars overlooking City Park will invite visitors to the venue and create a spacious and welcoming meeting space.

A new live music venue will provide a much-needed amenity for Bradford’s growing young population, adding a further dimension to local provision.

Imaginative programming will provide a varied offer attracting audiences from across Bradford’s communities and beyond. A varied food offer will also add to existing local provision and help to attract new visitors.

In addition to the employment provided by the venue itself the ancillary businesses providing food and drink to both gig-goers and casual visitors will employ a significant workforce and contribute to the economic development of the city centre.

It is also our hope that the smaller venue in the former ballroom will become a significant venue in its own right, providing opportunities for employment, training and trading to our partners Bradford College.

Having initially been approached to discuss the use of the venue for music students we are now exploring Bradford College having a significant stake in the building and using it as a learning and training facility as well as providing a ‘front-door’ onto the city centre.

c) What jobs will your project create?

In the construction/refurbishment phase Bradford One will create approximately 234 jobs. In addition the completed project will create a minimum of 43 jobs within the core operation.

In addition the restaurant, smaller venue and retail concessions will create a further 30 to 40 jobs, which will be a mixture of full-time and part-time.

This does not include jobs created in the new building to the rear which we estimate would accommodate an additional 300 people (based on 1 person per 25m2) many of which would be new jobs to the Bradford economy.

Working in partnership with Bradford College will ensure that learning, training and apprenticeships are ‘built-in’ throughout the entire project, from construction/refurbishment to the operation of the building.

All contractors, concessions and operators will be encouraged to maximise opportunities for training at all stages.

Discussions with Bradford College to date suggest opportunities to provide training opportunities for students studying music, theatre, hospitality, management, marketing and many other further and higher education disciplines.

d) How will your project increase the number of visitors to the City Centre?

Bradford One expects to initially host between 50 and 100 live music performances each year in the main auditorium attracting audiences of around 1500 people to each.

This alone will attract between 75,000 and 150,000 additional visitors to the city centre.

When the smaller venue is added, with its capacity of around 350, and which we expect to be used up to four or five evenings a week, this will attract an additional 50,000 visitors to the city centre to see more local bands and other performances.

In addition to the live music and other performances on offer Bradford One will provide a high quality food and drink offer, day and night, that will itself attract an estimated additional 25,000 visitors each year.

Also featured within the development will be gallery and exhibition spaces that we estimated would attract an additional 25,000 visitors a year.

Together the project will therefore increase the number of visitors to Bradford city centre by at least 150,000 people a year.

e) Describe how your project will contribute to a positive or improved image for Bradford City Centre

Bradford One will create a new live music and cultural venue in the heart of Bradford city centre, in a location that has been neglected for over a decade and which forms the backdrop to much of what goes on in the city centre.

Creating a high quality venue in such a significant location will contribute significantly to the creation of positive images of Bradford city centre.

The external façade of Bradford One will combine the iconic towers, a significant feature of the city centre skyline, with a triple-height glass frontage connecting the inside to and enhancing and reflecting City Park, completing the sweep of buildings that encircle it.

The programme of music on offer will attract and reflect all of Bradford’s communities, exploring where cultures crossover and bringing people together.

Our partnership with Bradford College will also enhance the image of Bradford, reflecting the scale and diversity of their student body and providing them with spaces in which to learn, train and celebrate.

Bradford One’s choice of a Community Benefit Society as an ‘ownership’ model also enables people from all walks of life and all communities to have a stake in the building.

This will further enhance the image of Bradford city centre as a place where everyone comes together, building on the example established by City Park.

If you like this bid, support us by joining as a member