BradfordOne Has Launched

On Tuesday 13th November comedian, TV presenter and Chair of Civic Pride Griff
Rhys Jones visited Bradford to support the launch of Bradford One. Bradford
One has been set up to provide an opportunity for the people of Bradford to secure the
future of the Bradford Odeon building, recently saved from demolition by a concerted
public campaign ‘Save the Odeon’

Bradford One will shortly be established as an ‘Industrial and Provident Society for
the Benefit of the Community’ and will provide a ‘vehicle’ for taking the building
into community ownership and an opportunity for the people of Bradford to have a
say in its future. Our aim is to work with local partners including Bradford Council to
pull together a partnership that can re-develop the iconic Bradford building.

Our vision for Bradford One is based on the ideas of many of the local people and
groups that have campaigned hard to save the building from demolition and will
include a venue for live music and other cultural activities with associated café-bars,
food and shopping outlets and provision for arts and cultural organisations to make
and develop their work.

The redeveloped building would provide managed work space for creative
organisations and companies, offices, production and rehearsal facilities, galleries and
exhibition areas and could provide much needed additional space for nearby cultural
institutions. Part of the vision for Bradford One is to attract creative businesses from
across the UK to Bradford as their ‘second home’.

The team behind Bradford One are all ordinary Bradford citizens many of whom have
worked for many years to save the Odeon building from demolition. Our intention is
to secure an ‘asset lock’ on the building so that it is owned by the community who
will have the opportunity to become members of Bradford One and have a say in its
future development.

Ultimately our aim is to develop a sustainable plan for the Odeon building that will
see its redevelopment into an asset for the district that complements the City Park and
other key city centre features. Initially we will carry out a detailed feasibility study to
ensure that our plans are both deliverable and financially viable. We will then seek a
developer to work with us to secure the finance necessary to develop the building.

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