Constitution and beyond

Since the launch, we have been busily completing all of the necessary paperwork to constitute Bradford One as a legally recognised structure which is able to apply for asset transfer of the site, and we have been talking to the Co-op Enterprise Hub and Locality as part of this process.

We have also been talking to the Council to assist them with their due diligence process, while they work to ensure that the way the Odeon’s future is handled is completely transparent and fair.

Once constituted, Bradford One will begin the process of seeking asset transfer of the Odeon, and drawing down funding to take us through the viability stage. The kind of funding available to Bradford One relies on the Odeon being transfered to the community.

A huge part of the viability stage is public consultation, and we will be getting expert help to do this. We want to reach as many people in Bradford as possible, to give the public a chance to have their say through every part of the process.

The current owners of the Odeon, the Homes and Communities Agency, have given the Council until end of financial year to accept an offer of £1, so this is also the deadline we are working towards.

By this point, we need to have a bid that stacks up financially, that has the backing of the community, and has the most potential for the city centre, so that will be the next step.


BradfordOne November 26, 2012 Latest News