Council agrees to buy Odeon for £1

A major milestone in our plans to renovate and redevelop the former Odeon building has been reached as Bradford Council’s Executive this morning decided to accept the offer made by the HCA to transfer the site for the nominal fee of £1.

This decision is still subject to the HCA agreeing to provide a support package of £4.1million to accompany transfer of both the Odeon and Tyrls police station sites. The HCA are due to make a decision on this financial package in mid April.

The Executive committee was told that the deadline for transfer to be concluded that the HCA had specified to be the end of this financial year, 31st March, had been extended by way of agreement with the HCA. The council Executive unanimously passed the proposal to agree to transfer, subject to the above conditions, in a meeting that was well attended by community campaigners and members of Bradford One.

This decision is good news for Bradford One as informal discussions have taken place with the council over the last few months in which the council indicated that it has a good track record of asset transfer to the community for other sites in the region. Should the HCA agree to the financial package, the council will immediately ask for expressions of interest and Bradford One will at this time be submitting our outline proposal and releasing it to the public, along with details of our membership offer. We will be seeking asset transfer of the site to the people of Bradford as part of our plans.

Whilst today’s decision may appear to be merely procedural, the significance of this milestone in such a long running campaign to save the Odeon from demolition cannot be understated. It shows that the people of Bradford, by working together and campaigning with a unified voice have had a real impact on the fate of this much loved building, and what we do next is very much up to all of us.


BradfordOne March 12, 2013 Latest News