HCA Offers £3.5million To Accompany Transfer of Odeon And Tyrls

The Homes and Communities Agency, having conducted due diligence on the request from Bradford Council for a total of £4.1million to accompany the transfer of both the Odeon and Tyrls sites has come back today with a revised offer.

Despite originally offering only £100,000 to accompany the transfer, they have now made a revised offer to the council of £3.5million of which £1.3million would be earmarked for repairs to the Odeon. This is the full amount that the council estimated it would cost for these works, based on the full structural survey they commissioned earlier this year.

This amount falls short of the £4.1million total asked for by the council and so the decision is likely to go back to the Executive before it can be accepted. At the time of writing, the council had yet to release a statement on this offer.

More information will be added here and on The Telegraph and Argus website as it becomes available.


BradfordOne April 11, 2013 Latest News