Todd Hannula

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Social Entrepreneur, Shine

Todd Hannula, a social entrepreneur originally from the USA, founded Shine Space in Leeds in 2007. Shine Space is a £5m conference and meeting venue recycling its assets for the benefit of the community.

Todd also led the development of the myCatalyst networking hubs, and the School for Social Entrepreneurs in Yorkshire. Todd has been involved in raising over £35m for social business ventures and investment programs over the past 9 years.

Todd has held various leadership positions in start-up ventures, non-profits, and Fortune® 500 companies in the telecoms, environmental, technology, retail and service sectors in both the United States and the UK.

He has a B.Sc. in Geology, completed Thesis Work at M.Sc. level in Hydrogeology, and an MBA from a top 50 global programme.

Todd currently divides his time between board duties at Shine Space, developing new social impact projects and businesses, speaking, writing and providing strategic advice to a variety of businesses.