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Why join Bradford One?

People have campaigned for years to save the Odeon, with a huge majority asking that it be put back into use as a place for live entertainment through a sympathetic redevelopment.

We now need a demonstration to show the Council and investors that there is popular demand for developing it into a live entertainment venue. The way we intend to show that there is support for this is through membership numbers.

The number of members we have shows how many people actively support the development of the Odeon into a live entertainment venue.

Joining Bradford One as a member is an easy, direct and powerful way to demonstrate to the Council and to potential investors that there IS popular demand for developing the Odeon into a live entertainment venue.

What do members get?

If you join Bradford One as a member, you automatically get one share in the Bradford One vision for the Odeon.

You also get the chance to vote for a new Bradford One board of directors to represent you as we go through the pre-feasibility and feasibility stages on the way to presenting our final bid. You will also have the opportunity to influence the board of directors throughout this process.

You can also put yourself up for election as a Director or Officer from the point of the first AGM, when our founder board will all step down.

In addition, you will get four annual updates from Bradford One.

Junior supporters (under 16s)  will receive the following:

  • A Bradford One Limited supporter certificate

  • Four Priority Briefings updating you on the progress being made by Bradford One and access to our Members Only pages on our website

  • Junior supporters can convert to full membership on reaching age 16

What is my £3 / £5 annual membership fee for?

  • £3 membership option
    One share (£1 of this goes towards the share)
    Voting rights – one member, one vote
    All relevant updates from Bradford One in digital form
    Access to members only pages online
    Priority rights in future share offers

  • £5 membership option
    One share (£1 of this goes towards the share)
    Voting rights – one member, one vote
    All relevant updates from Bradford One in paper form
    Priority rights in future share offers

£1 of your membership cost is for one share in Bradford One. The additional cost (£2 per year for electronic updates or £4 for postal updates) is for administration.

For over a year, the founder members of Bradford One have given their time for free to do paperwork, meet key stakeholders, organise and run events and distribute information, and will continue to do so.

It is not in our constitution to pay any of our Directors or Officers.

The administration fee with your membership helps us to cover things like the website, electronic mailing lists, postage and printing, accountancy, and all the additional things Bradford One needs to operate.

Can I buy more shares?

At present, we are issuing one share per person as a membership offer so that we can build our membership numbers. In the future, should the plans go ahead, then we’ll be offering a community share issue allowing people to buy anything up to £20,000 in shares.

We will still operate a ‘one member, one vote’ system so that everyone will have an equal voting right, regardless of what they can afford.

Do I need to choose between supporting Bradford One and supporting other bids?

No, not at all. Bradford One is not the only bid for the Odeon, but it is the only one which currently offers the public the opportunity to be actively involved in it, to the point of actually being able to own it.

Bradford One are delighted that there are multiple bids, as this means the Odeon’s future is more secure than if there were only one.

What if another bid is chosen?

In the future, should another bid be chosen, we would like to give members of Bradford One the opportunity to offer their support to the successful bid.

In this way, Bradford One is ensuring that those who helped to save the Odeon and would like to be directly involved its future should have the best possible chance of doing so. Alongside saving the Odeon, this is our chief aim.

Should our bid be unsuccessful, we as a group will look to improve or open other cultural spaces in the city using the active membership we have gathered.

Is Bradford One proposing a community centre?

No, we are proposing community ownership of a commercially-run venue. This means bringing in professional operators, but with the advantage for the community that their input guides our plans and our profits go directly back into Bradford. Doing things this way also gives us access to funding not available to private developers and private bids.


Any other questions?

We’d like to make sure you have all the information you need. If you have a question you can’t find the answer to on this page, please add a comment below.

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