The Future of Bradford One

Bradford One members, particularly those who were part of the long campaign against the Odeon’s demolition, have long demonstrated imagination and vision, rallying round a long written-off landmark with a plan to turn it into the North’s largest independent live venue, long before the wheels were formally set in motion to consider the building as a live venue.

The value of this kind of vision and imagination can’t be underestimated in a city like Bradford, which has infinite potential to become a cultural hub not only in Yorkshire but in the UK as a whole.

Among our members are some of the most active citizens in the city, who between them are involved in many arts and community projects that bring funding and culture of all kinds into the city.

We are constantly being updated about our members’ efforts in an informal way – just this week, Bradford One members from Ilkley Film Festival entertained thousands across West Yorkshire by producing the BFI’s Sci Fi live music and cinema show - and there will be many other instances of our members’ dedication to culture and community in Bradford that we don’t hear about.

This is why we are now turning to our members to decide our next move. Not only do we want to know what attracted you to our bid, but also what skills and interests you bring to our organisation as a member, and how you would like us to apply these priceless resources for the benefit of Bradford in the future.

In the next day or so you will receive a survey. This survey will help us better understand why you got involved in the first place and how you would like us to take Bradford One forward. Bradford One is committed to community ownership, democracy, transparency and projects that benefit Bradford.


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